Domestic Extensions

SD Structures can tailor our service to meet the needs of the project. We can design cost effective structural solutions with traditional 2D drawings and details for simple extensions; or cutting edge 3D drawings and bespoke details for more architecturally challenging projects.

A popular request is for the removal of whole of the rear wall to create a large open plan space with the extension. We design steel frames to support the house and maintain the stability of the property. We use the latest software and pre-deflection techniques so the beams can be as light and efficient as possible. Additionally this technique can often accommodate the reuse of the existing footings which can result in significant cost savings.
For a typical extension we would design a number of structural elements including:
– New lintels over doors, windows and openings
– New walls and foundations including Thames Water bridge over details. This may include mini piled foundations when building close to large trees. Often we commission soil testing to omit the need for piling which can save thousands of pounds.
– New suspended or ground bearing floor slab
– New roof joists